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Steam Turbines

Wood Group GTS provides a comprehensive service for repair of steam turbines used in power generation and process industry applications.

With over 400,000 components in service worldwide, we have proven expertise in the refurbishment of turbine blades, nozzles and diaphragms degraded by corrosion, erosion and foreign object damage.

High quality repairs are performed within dedicated and fully equipped workshops. In addition we offer a unique ‘on site’ service, refurbishing low pressure steam turbine blades without removal from the rotor disc.


Wood Group GTS offers services for steam turbine ranging from 5MW up to 1000MW for all major OEMs including:

Alstom AEI Ansaldo
GEC Siemens Mitsubishi
ABB English Electric Franco Tosi
GE MAN Westinghouse
Allen Parsons LMZ

 Outage Management

Our global field service team can support your outage management needs, providing skilled and experienced personnel to undertake all aspects of site services on a call out basis or under a long term service agreement  

Operator Benefits

  • Repair is typically 30-60% of the cost of new parts
  • Delivery time is measured in weeks not months
  • Latest materials and welding technology enhances unit life
  • Unplanned or impact damage repairs can be resolved quickly.
  • Unserviceable components can be refurbished as strategic spares
  • Repair guarantee matching that offered for new parts
  • Repair solution applicable to ANY make or size of steam turbine
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Diaphragm Repair

Salvage severely damaged components using advanced materials and repair technology.

For more information about how we salvage severely damaged steam turbine diaphragms using advanced materials and repair technology please click below

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Turbine Blade Repair

Repair processes that restore performance and enhance mechanical properties.

For more information about our specialist repair processes that restore performance and enhance turbine blade mechanical properties please click below

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On Site Repair

Comprehensive On site repair solutions for your steam turbine.

For more information about our comprehensive on site repair solutions for your steam turbine please click below

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